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CBD, short for cannabidiol, is
a natural active ingredient found in Cannabis sativa L (hemp). In contrast to
the molecule THC, another cannabinoid present in the plant, CBD has no
psychotropic effects, it doesn’t have any risks of addiction and other
undesirable effects.

Every chemical substance, regardless of
structure or origin, that attach to the cannabinoid receptors and that have
similar effects to those produced by the plant Cannabis Sativa L.


There are 3 types of cannabinoids:

1- Endocannabinoids (naturally produced by the
human body)

2- Phytocannabinoids (produced
by the Cannabis sativa L) like CBD and THC

3- Synthetic Cannabinoids (lab
synthesized cannabinoids)

Contrary to the molecule THC,
another cannabinoid present in the plant, CBD has no psychotropic effects.

Once CBD is isolated, it has many therapeutic properties, all without the risk of
addiction or other adverse effects.

No, CBD has no psychotrope effects.

No contrary to THC, CBD does not affect drug testing.

Yes, mainly, but it depends on the country. Topical use of CBD is generally accepted. We invite you to inquire about the laws in force in the country you plan to travel to.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties with calming and
soothing effects. It also contributes to the microbiome regulation and cell

Yes, it can be. But it is better to purchasing natural

CBD is extracted from hemp leaves and the stem, using
mainly 2 methods with CO2 or Ethanol.

No, CBD is extracted from leaves and stems.

1-THC gets you "high", CBD doesn't (no psychoactive effect).

2-CBD doesn't create addiction, nor side effects, THC does.

3-THC is illegal, CBD is legal in most countries.

Yes, in rare cases, especially if you have pre-existing allergic tendencies. To officially determine if you have hemp or CBD allergies, you will need to do an allergy test, just as you would with any other allergen. The most common experience of hemp allergies comes from the smoke and pollen being inhaled directly or indirectly. Skin allergic reactions can also occur when hemp leaves and flowers come into direct contact with the skin. If you have any doubts, talk
to your doctor.

Little research exists on CBD use for cosmetics during
pregnancy. No conclusive evidence shows that using CBD as topical during pregnancy
is or isn't safe. We recommend you talk with your health care provider about any questions you have regarding CBD use during pregnancy.

CBD can be found in flowers or used in cosmetics and food supplement formulas (both for human and pets).

No - you need specific know-how and equipment.

CBD used in cosmetics is a pure CBD molecule, isolated.

Like many cannabinoids, the origin story of CBD begins in a lab. In 1940, Harvard-trained chemist Roger Adams successfully extracted CBD from cannabis. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, known as the “godfather of cannabis research,” then took the baton from Adams, honing his focus on the cannabinoid.
In 1963, Mechoulam described the chemical structure of

The main difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD is which compounds
they contain.

If a CBD product contains several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts,
such as terpenes and other cannabinoids (including up to 0.3% THC), it is full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD also contains several cannabis plants compounds, but it is typically entirely free of THC. That said, there may sometimes be trace amounts of THC in broad-spectrum CBD products.

CBD isolate is the third common form of CBD. This is the pure form of CBD,
containing no other cannabis plant compounds.

However, although these terms do carry some meaning, “CBD” and related terms are not heavily regulated, so some manufacturers may use the words interchangeably or misuse them.

It can help with stress, insomnia, depression, muscle aches, sports recovery, and it is used in skincare for its regenerating and
anti-inflammatory properties, like by ID SWISS BOTANICALS.

In Indoor plantation you can control the temperature and the light. So, the quality is usually better and the CBD rate higher.


The percentage of natural origin ingredients is calculated according to the ISO NORM 16128, a common tool for defining the naturality of cosmetic products. According to this norm, the products are "natural" if it contains at least 95% of natural origin ingredients.

The tube of I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS has an airless pump, so it both preserves the formula (air can cause the degradation of certain
active ingredients) and clean to use (so you can avoid putting fingers in the cream).

It is always recommended to patch test a new product on your skin (the arm or neck).

Check it on the dedicated product page of the I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS website - it depends on the products.

12 to 25 degrees celcius, avoid direct sunlight.

I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS formulas do not contain simple CBD: they contain the CBD Beauty complex which works better than CBD isolated.
In the CBD Beauty complex, CBD is encapsulated and combined with hemp seed oil and skin-protecting agents being 4 times more effective than pure CBD. So you can't compare the concentration of the CBD Beauty complex with other products
containing only CBD isolate.

Yes, products are developed in collaboration with Swiss
dermatologists which also supervise our consumer tests.

Yes, consumer tests are done on all skin types and supervised by dermatologists in Switzerland.

Yes, the efficacy of CBD BEAUTY COMPLEX has been proven by in vitro and clinical tests in laboratories in Switzerland.

All benefits claimed on the product have been tested and validated scientifically by clinical tests supervised by dermatologists in

I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS focus on natural formulas and local sourcing. The brand also has an ongoing process for the improvement of
packaging (less packaging, more recycling and eco-friendly material). All without compromising product quality.

Yes, I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS responds to ALL SKIN needs
and are designed for all genders.

Yes, all the fragrances used in I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS
products are of natural origins.

No, CBD isolate has no scent.

The serum can be applied before the day cream, before the night cream, and before the mask.

100% organic cotton.

No, it is a single use product.

Yes, you can apply several layers of night cream before going to bed for a more hydrating purpose.

For better absorption, it is recommended you leave the
mask on for at least 20 minutes.

To cleanse your face, it is recommended to use specific cleansing products.

Night creams are formulated to nourish and moisturize
sufficiently while you are sleeping. Therefore, it is recommended to use the right moisturizers for each occasion.

as a moisturizer since it has an immediate moisturization shot. If your skin needs more, use the full I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS routine.

Yes, there is no risk using I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS products on your whole body. However, you may need to use something more
adapted to each part of the body.

Yes, you can use it with other brand products. For example, the I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS serum can be mixed with foundations or concealers for a better moisturizing effect.

ID SWISS BOTANICALS products brings comfort and moisturization on your skin right away. According to test results, already after 15 days to one month, the reviews are "my skin more suppled", "I have healthier complexion", "my skin is more unified and plumped."

CBD Beauty Complex is a nano emulsion which increases the bioavailability of CBD into the skin, which is proven by in vitro tests. It's a natural complex containing CBD, Hemp seed oil, lecitin and skin protecting agents. It's developed and produced only in Switzerland.

Yes, I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS products are suitable for
all skin types. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, so it is
efficient on acne prone skin.

Yes, I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS products are suitable for
all skin types, even the more sensitive skin. All products are dermatologicallytested. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effect and soothing properties, so it is efficient on skin with Eczema.

Yes, I.D. SWISS BOTANICALS supports entrepreneurial projects in the greentech/biotechnology sector carried out exclusively by women through its HER ID(EAS) program.

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ID SWISS BOTANICALS is a brand of Babylon Sciences, a global platform of hemp-based consumer product brands focused on beauty, nutrition and wellness. It is owned by Cedric Rimella, a Swiss entrepreneur.