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I.D. Swiss Botanicals was made possible thanks to 5 Swiss entrepreneurs who were convinced that the use of the CBD molecule had not yet developed its full potential.

This Swiss heritage of innovation gave us the desire to push the limits of traditional cosmetics, in order to meet a simple objective:


Develop a range of neurocosmetics for all skin types, even the most sensitive, using only natural ingredients.


Along with dermatologists and expert skincare laboratories, we’ve developed "Swiss made" formulas by privileging natural, effective active ingredients and by valorizing raw materials from the plants, the marine and the microbial worlds.


Thanks to an innovative approach and our expertise in CBD, this super ingredient is produced, transformed and integrated in these high-tech formulas on our Swiss production sites. The Swiss scientific expertise has enabled us to go further and obtain an ultra-performing phyto-complex based on CBD.


Because we want to contribute to the development of new ventures off the beaten track, I.D. Swiss Botanicals supports entrepreneurial projects in the biotechnology sector carried out exclusively by women through their HER ID(EAS) startup program.









Every day, I.D. Swiss Botanicals works on innovative formulations and packaging to help you define the I.D.-entity of your skin.

Forget everything you think you know about cannabis and dare to take care of your skin in an unconventional way with I.D. Swiss Botanicals!



We are serious about science, we are serious about your skin, rebellious about our methods.

Our mission is to make your skin look healthier, FASTER.


In a desire to develop a strong and ever more innovative brand, we support and surround ourselves with specialists in the fields to which they wish to bring their expertise to our neuro-cosmetic plant based brand. Our team members have different backgrounds and cultures which fosters diversity, knowledge but also complementarity, essential pillars in a business like ours.


Our office is located in the center of Lausanne. With the growth of our team, it was essential for us to find an adapted work space fostering productivity and team work.

In combination to innovative formulas, we truly believe in the power of plants. As real plant lovers, we have our own indoor plantation which has been established in 2018 on the shore of the Lake Geneva. Our main ingredient, CBD, originates from our plantation, where naturality, traceability and control are our priorities.